About Us

Who are the Twisted Sisters ….

We are an Aunt and Niece who started off innocently enough, just simply wanting a few nice bracelets of our own. We quickly got carried away as there were just so many beautiful gemstones and crystals and we wanted them all, how could we stop!

Suddenly we had far too many bracelets and beads for our own personal use, but we kept buying and making more.  Not everyone understands our jump in with both feet, worry where it takes you later attitude. And we were pleasantly surprised that we totally shared that outlook together, that was when we decided we might just be a little twisted, but we liked it that way! Hence, we became Twisted Sisters Bead Designs.

We started off at few local craft shows, sold to family, friends and eventually made our way to social media. Neither of us is very techy but managed to get ourselves set up as needed. My teenage daughter helps us sometimes making bracelets and at the craft shows. Often while we are trying to sort out how to do things on social media, she will roll her eyes and say “let me do it” and with that we gained our unofficial “social media manager” when her own life doesn’t get in the way!

As many afternoons as we can manage we are at the kitchen table, Becky’s two 100lb+ Burmese Mountain Dogs at our feet (but not until they first attempt at being our lap dogs for the afternoon) and my 8lb Malti-Poo walking around trying to pretend she is bullet proof and in charge.  We are both in our happy places making bracelets and hoping someone is going to love them as much as we loved creating and making them.

Becky and Trish

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